The Voice of the Trumpet is the Voice of God

John heard the voice of the trumpet and turned to see what it was. It was because the voice of God, particularly on this occasion, as Christ speaks from the midst of the Church. St. John noticed 7 golden candlesticks and in the midst of the 7 candlesticks, one like unto the Son of Man. From research of the Tabernacle within the books of Exodus and Leviticus we all know that within the outer holy place on the South facet, adjoining to the Desk of Showbread, there was the Candlestick. Truly it was a stand manufactured from gold and was extra of a lamp as we consider it. There was an oil reservoir which provided the wick with gasoline. Then there have been 6 further candlesticks (or lamps) that got here out of the central candlestick and have been organized in a circle round it (not each expositor agrees concerning the “circle”). That is what we see right here. The aim of the Candlestick within the Tabernacle was to offer gentle.

The New Priesthood of the New Testomony

This was to point out that in God’s work the one gentle comes from Christ, the Head of the Church and from the Holy Ghost as He works in and thru the Church. The outer Holy Place represents, for one factor, the period of the Church on this world (there are different analogies that we are going to not go into right here). The Holy Place is a becoming image of the Church with its non permanent gentle that can exit when the everlasting day dawns and we see God nose to nose.

The Oil of the Spirit

The wicks have been provided with oil which fed by way of the piping from the central candle stick and reservoir wherein the oil was saved. Christ is the central Candle Stick. The Gentle of the World is Jesus. The oil is the Holy Ghost from which the Church will get its gentle.

The Heavenly Tabernacle

Many Bible academics who research the tabernacle have stated that the prophetic witness of the Outdated Testomony Candlestick – the sunshine of the world – would by no means be full till Christ takes His place within the midst of His individuals within the New Tabernacle. With this we heartily agree and hasten to level out that’s precisely what we now have right here on this E-book of Revelation: “Within the midst of the candlesticks one like unto the Son of Man.” Christ will not be entered into holy locations made with males’s fingers that are solely figures of the true, however into heaven itself, there to look within the presence of God for us (Heb. 9:24)

The Melchisedec Priesthood

Christ is made a excessive priest of excellent issues to come back by a higher and extra good tabernacle, not made with fingers, that’s to say, not of this constructing (Heb. 9:11). The earthly tabernacle solely served for example and shadow of heavenly issues. However now Christ has obtained a extra wonderful ministry, by how a lot He’s the mediator of a greater covenant established upon higher guarantees (Heb. 8:5,6). If it was a tabernacle constructed by males, on this earth, Christ couldn’t be a priest as a result of He was not from the tribe of Levi (Heb. 8:4, 7:12-17). However the scene which we see right here, whereas it pertains to the Church and the current dispensation, will not be an earthly one. It’s a heavenly one. Christ, the nice Excessive Priest, adorned within the Excessive Priestly clothes, is in the midst of the candle sticks, supporting them, supplying them and concerned within the work with them.

6 + 1 = 7

There are 6 candlesticks within the circle and there’s a seventh within the center. 6 is the variety of man. 1 is the variety of deity. The Church united along with the deity of Christ turns into 7: The Good work of God; the completed work of Christ; the whole working of the Holy Ghost; the work of the Church on this world. This symbolism develops and fills in as this chapter progresses.

Clothed With A garment Down To The Foot

First, it’s Christ within the midst of the Church. Then, it’s Christ the righteous and the Holy Man who has personally gained the favor, the blessing, and the workplace from God – He was clothed fully with the garment of private righteousness (Heb. 1:8,9). This was a seamless gown of pure white linen. Over the righteous garment was the Ephod that consisted of an higher, vest-like design and a protracted, flowing gown. It was not a habergeon with a gap within the high by which it was slipped over the pinnacle, however was made in two items as a entrance and a again. It was placed on and laced on the sides. Thus, if the seamless white gown represented His everlasting righteousness, the Ephod represented His earthly accomplishments by which He realized to be and earned the appropriate to be our Excessive Priest (Heb. 5:6-10). There have been two squares hooked up to the shoulders of the Ephod worn by the Excessive Priest. On every shoulder of the Ephod there was a socket of gold wherein a diamond was set. On every of the diamonds was etched the names of 6 of the tribes of the Kids of Israel. The Bible says that the Excessive Priest was to reveal the kids earlier than God in memorial. The time period “memorial” is used within the Outdated Testomony Scriptures to point one thing that might trigger God to recollect and settle for them on the bases of one in every of His mighty acts on their behalf previously. When the kids crossed out of Egypt by way of the Purple Sea, stones have been arrange for memorial and once more after they crossed out of the wilderness by way of the Jordan and into the Promised Land. It was written that at any time when the kids of God in coming generations would ask, “What are these stones?” they might be instructed that they have been for a memorial of the time after they, by the mighty hand of God, have been introduced out of bondage or out of the wilderness and into the nice land flowing with milk and honey. All of this stuff have been sorts of the Cross, the redemption, the atonement, and God’s grace prolonged to His individuals due to Christ. The Cross is the memorial that God remembers and due to which we’re accepted in His presence

Judgment and Memorial

The diamond was the exemplification of purity. It was Christ, the Stone from heaven, not minimize out by fingers. The gold was His deity and divinity. The Kids got here earlier than God by grace with the purity, the flawlessness, the righteousness, and the divine nature which was needed to ensure that them to face earlier than God and never be destroyed. This was not a passive judgment. Christ, our nice Excessive Priest, was judged by God for the sins of the individuals. It was solely His private divinity, deity, and flawless attributes that made it attainable for Him and us to outlive the wrath of God.

The place He Ever Lives to Make Intercession for Us

Christ nonetheless ministers within the presence of God for us, and we nonetheless want this intercession. Not one in every of us would final a day within the presence of God with out the memorial that God sees and is reminded of in His Son and His nice accomplishments on our behalf. The very fact of justification and the completed and decided nature of salvation however, the Church could be lifeless within the water with out the current, day-by-day, intercessory work of Christ.

The Love of Christ – The Tie That Binds

On the entrance of the Ephod was the Breast Plate. It was a sq. plate manufactured from gold and lined over with blue, purple, and scarlet fabric. This Breast Plate was certain to the Ephod in two methods. First, on every of the corners there have been rings and golden chains. The chains certain the Breast Plate to the shoulders of the priest by fastening to the 2 shoulder plates the place the diamonds have been. Secondly, behind the Breast Plate (on the again facet of it) have been rings made within the blue and scarlet and purple fabric. Strings of positive twined linen, woven in colours of blue, gold, purple and scarlet, tied the Breast Plate from the again facet to the entrance of the Ephod which was over the white linen gown.

At all times Upon His Coronary heart

On the entrance of this Breast Plate there have been twelve stones set as three rows of 4. On every of those stones (which have been all totally different) one of many names of the kids of Israel was written or engraved because the signet. These have been set in sockets of gold they usually have been certain to the priest by the identical chains and woven strings that held the Breast Plate.

Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of God

The priest carried the kids of God on His shoulders earlier than God in judgment. However he additionally carried them earlier than the presence of God in love, with a memorial to remind God of His grace. That’s what the Breast Plate was for. Every of the kids had a separate stone upon which his identify was written. It represented the variety of character, the distinction of presents, and the individuality and private nature of fellowship with God. The gold represented divinity, the white was righteousness, the blue was the fantastic thing about holiness, the pink represented the Cross, the purple was His royalty or his Kingly workplace. The Breast Plate (by which the kids of God have been inseparably certain to the priest by His deity and the fantastic thing about His holiness) is Christ’s priestly intercession, His kingly workplace and by the accomplishments of His Cross. The Breast Plate couldn’t turn into separated from that priest. After which it was certain to the shoulders of the Ephod by chains of gold and that represented Christ’s personal private deity and divinity. The Excessive Priest’s shoulders symbolize Christ’s energy and the work of the Cross.

The character, the purity, the work, and the workplace of Christ maintain the individuals of God quick as He takes us earlier than God in judgment, and the work of the Cross binds us quick to His shoulders. We see Him right here in the midst of the Church. He’s sharing within the work as the sunshine of the Church and the Devoted Witness. He’s additionally in His workplace because the Nice Excessive Priest with His righteous garment and the Golden Girdle on His coronary heart and His breast, taking us earlier than God as judgment is meted out to the individuals of God on this period when judgment has begun on the home of God and God is purging and purifying His individuals. What a daunting expertise! However we’re certain to the Priest by all of these provisions that God has made by way of the individual and the work of Christ to guarantee us (and Himself) that we are going to not be separated from Him. Do not forget that it’s God who reconciled us to Himself (Rom. 5:7,8), in accordance with the pleasure of His grace and good pleasure (Ephesians 1:4-11), by way of the dying of His Son (Romans 8:32), after we have been enemies of God and never looking for Him (Eph. 2:11-19). God is rather more excited by and dedicated to holding you and me in His family than we’re in staying in it. Nothing is extra indicative of the ugly self-righteousness and conceitedness in man than the misguided notion that we’re extra excited by God than He’s in us. If that have been the case, no mortal would know God.

Chapter One is a Key to Understanding the E-book

This isn’t indifferent, diversionary, or superfluous info. It is vitally particularly and positively associated to what the E-book of Revelation is all about. One of many issues that is happening on this world is that justice is being carried out, grace not withstanding. Sanctification is, in a way, the redemption of mortality. Grace doesn’t take away the curse of mortality. It is smart out of it and provides us a possibility to show these sufferings into one thing everlasting by sacrificing our lives in Christian service. We’re going by way of the trials as a result of they’re needed purging and purifying and reaching experiences. To guarantee that they end in one thing immortal and everlasting, Christ is interceding and ministering within the presence of God for the Church because the Excessive Priest. As a result of this work is predicated upon His deity, His character, and His achievements, will probably be completely profitable. That’s the image that’s drawn right here.

However what precisely is happening, and why and what does it imply to us? What’s our half in it? How is it figuring out now, and the way is all of it going to wind up? That’s precisely what Revelation was given to the Son, by the Father, to inform us.

Extra about Christ As We See Him Right here

His head and his hairs have been white like wool, as white as snow;

Many instances white represents purity. On this occasion nevertheless, it represents the honour and knowledge that’s related to the hoary head.

And his eyes have been as a flame of fireside;

The Bible says that God’s eyelids strive the kids of males. All issues are bare and open unto the eyes of Him with Whom we now have to do. There isn’t any creature that’s hidden from Him or whose actions will not be laid naked earlier than Him. He seems to be upon us with that imaginative and prescient that pierces into us, that has all knowledge to see and know precisely how it’s with us and with that refining hearth of judgment and of the Spirit. That is a part of the work as Excessive Priest, Prince of the Kings of the earth, and Head of the Church.

And his ft like unto positive brass, as in the event that they burned in a furnace;

For probably the most half in Biblical symbolism, and right here in Revelation, brass represents judgment. Christ is within the midst of the Church and His ft are on the earth. He’s standing within the fires with us, for those who please. His head could also be within the heavens, however His ft are upon the earth.

And his voice because the sound of many waters.

This represents the superior, ever-present voice of Christ. It’s like being out within the woods and listening to a distant waterfall. It’s a hushed, virtually gentle, and quiet sound, and but it’s an superior roar which is all over the place, and you can’t go anyplace to get away from it. We get used to the sound of birds, the snap of pine needles, and the chatter of chipmunks, and we virtually overlook that it’s there. However it’s there, and it’s majestic and highly effective whenever you cease to pay attention and contemplate. Christ with His church will not be a harasser; He’s not a forehead beater; He’s not all the time yelling at you or hissing in your ear, however His voice is all the time there. There isn’t any place the place it isn’t heard. It’s a quiet voice, and but mighty. It fills the entire land, and it’s heard all over the place. Because the Church goes on its mission on this world, God offers us room to dwell and transfer and have our being. Even so, we’re by no means away from the sound of His voice.

And he had in his proper hand seven stars:

The Seven Candles

The seven candles are the Church, particular person and united with Christ. The quantity seven represents the whole and excellent working of the Church, which is the sunshine of the world. The candle stick is for the aim of giving gentle. Jesus stated that. It’s not to be put below a bushel. On this case the sunshine being shed is the reality of God and His Kingdom, and His Son Jesus Christ. This fact is manifested by way of the message of the little guide which is the written Phrase of God, eaten, digested and brought into the lifetime of the Church and proven to the world by way of obedience to Christ Who’s Her Dwelling Head.

And out of his mouth went a pointy two edged sword:

The sword is the Phrase of God, however it isn’t the Phrase of God in the identical sense of the sound of His voice, which is like many waters. It’s the weapon with which Christ makes struggle with the dragon and the enemies of righteousness. It’s the energy, the sunshine, the grace, the salvation, and the judgment of Christ and His Kingdom. It’s the Legislation of God and the commandments of God. It’s the technique of God’s communication of His thoughts and considering to man. This sword has two edges – it cuts each methods. As an offensive weapon, it slays the enemies of God. That is within the religious sense (not essentially devoid of the bodily) wherein Christ goes out to make struggle and to overcome.

However additionally it is a sword which inflicts wounds upon those that have it of their fingers in the event that they deal with it carelessly. You’ll be able to take a sword with two edges, and you may wage a battle with it, however you may as well minimize – even kill – your self in case you are not cautious. The sons of Aaron – Nadab and Abihu – discovered that out. So did the younger prophet in Numbers, as did King David when he ignored the Phrase of God in making an attempt to carry the Ark of the Covenant again to Jerusalem. And that’s not distinctive to the Outdated Testomony. Ananias and Sapphira met the identical sad destiny. The Bible warns about those that deal with the Phrase of God deceitfully and wrest it to their very own destruction. That is the which means of the 2 edges: the work of the Phrase of God on this world to carry conviction upon the ungodly but additionally the work of the Phrase of God to evaluate and to purge and to purify the Church.

And his countenance was because the solar shineth in his energy.

Billions of individuals on this world go round each day with out trying instantly on the solar. In the event that they did, for any considerable time, they might undergo eye injury, perhaps even blindness. However it’s omnipresent and we know it consistently and all the time. So sensible is the solar which guidelines the day that our entire lives are tied up with its warmth and illumination. This illustrates the brilliance of Christ not solely within the Church but additionally on the planet. That is brilliance in each sense: His Creatorship, His knowledge, His purity, His holiness, His presence, His Legal guidelines, His energy, His judgment, His goodness, His grace and endurance, and on and on. We might not all have had St. John’s imaginative and prescient, however anybody who can not sense the sunshine and the warmth of Christ’s presence is out of contact with actuality.

The Sword and the Spirit

That is the image that the Holy Spirit revealed to St. John by the voice of the trumpet, because the Apostle turned to see who was speaking to him.

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