As everyone knows in battlegrounds your life typically is determined by that how briskly you will get your fingers on weapons. So if this is so essential I made a decision to measure which approach is the quickest to journey originally of the sport.

Most of you in all probability discovered that going face down from the aircraft then holding strafe + ahead when your parachute pops (to keep away from velocity loss) and after that ahead until you’ll land is the quickest approach to get down.

Issues are getting a bit extra difficult after we need to journey additional like 2 or 3kms away from the aircraft. After hours and hours of making an attempt alternative ways and speeds, I got here to the conclusion.

On the being of the primary method, we have to journey ahead by trying up on the horizon and attempt to get so far as you’ll be able to earlier than auto-pull of your parachute will kick-in (900m – 1.2km is the max you are able to do). The gap which you’ll journey after chute is open is determined by the velocity which you might be prepared to take care of.

There’s a chart with my outcomes:

Velocity – Distance – Time

20+km/h – 1,40- 1m 25sec

40+km/h – 1,55- 1m 09sec

50+km/h – 1,50- 1m 00sec

60+km/h – 1,30- 0m 58sec

2nd Approach is all about flying ahead and pulling your parachute out as quickly as we will. After that sustaining right velocity will give us humongous variations in outcomes.

There’s a chart with my outcomes:

Velocity – Distance – Time

20+km/h – 2,90km – 3m 33sec

30+km/h – 2,30km – 2m 35sec

40+km/h – 1,90km – 2m 02sec

50+km/h – 1,65km – 1m 37sec

60+km/h – 1,30km – 1m 24sec

3RD Approach Parachute Proper Down and Drive with Automobile

I additionally measured approx time which takes if we’d parachute all the way down to the automobile and attempt to drive 2kms. This manner we will examine it would lengthy distance parachuting and know which approach is quicker.

That is what I found:

Automobile – Distance – Time

UAZ – 2km – 2m 17sec

Buggy – 2km – 2m 14sec

Dacia – 2km – 2m 02sec

Bike – 2km – 1m 51sec

SuperBike – 2km – 1m 44sec

Ofc bikes are the quickest and really will beat anybody on parachute and Dacia will get you there in about the identical time.

Take into accout tho that each one of that measurements had been accomplished with excellent driving and on a kinda flat floor.

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