It is a assessment of three completely different train applications created by health and motivational dynamo, Chalene Johnson. Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, and Turbo Hearth are all the identical primary construction and format, however differ in ranges of depth and the place you possibly can take part within the train applications.

Jam, Kick, Hearth-What is the Distinction?

There are two major components that separate Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, and Turbo Hearth from each other: ranges of depth, and the format at which you’ll be able to take part.

Turbo Jam and Turbo Hearth are each house train applications out there by the Beachbody web site and vary wherever from $60 to $240 (plus S&H). Turbo Kick, alternatively, is a gaggle health class taught in numerous well being golf equipment everywhere in the U.S.

In relation to ranges of depth, the order falls like this: Turbo Jam-lower depth, Turbo Kick-moderate to excessive depth, Turbo Hearth-high to very excessive depth. Anybody who’s starting an train routine ought to at all times begin on the decrease depth, and step by step add on depth as correct type and approach are completely mastered.

Turbo Jam has a “Study and Burn” session the place Chalene breaks down the fundamental 11 “elite strikes” that will help you grasp correct type and technique–this is just not out there within the Turbo Hearth house train program nor within the group class setting (Turbo Kick). Having this in thoughts, if you’re curious about making an attempt this format of train, my recommendation can be to take a look at Turbo Jam first earlier than transferring on to Turbo Kick or Turbo Hearth. If you grasp correct type and approach in any train format, you burn the utmost quantity of energy and work the muscle tissue the transfer was designed to focus on. With out correct type and approach, you are not solely dishonest your self of energy burned, you additionally run the danger of damage.

Lastly, Turbo Hearth differs most from Turbo Jam and Turbo Kick by the added ingredient of Excessive-Depth Interval Trainings (also referred to as HIIT exercises). The HIIT exercises are what makes Turbo Hearth a lot extra intense than Turbo Kick (assume doing a Turbo drill an upwards of 11 occasions with a relaxation interval of 1 minute between every drill-that is equal to a 30-minute HIIT exercise).

Not fairly certain you possibly can deal with a HIIT exercise? Don’t be concerned, Turbo Hearth begins you off mild with a 15-minute HIIT exercise the place the drills are solely 30-seconds lengthy. ANYONE can go all out for 30 seconds!

Jam, Kick, and Hearth: How are They the Similar?

Now that you know the way they differ, let’s talk about how they’re the identical. Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, and Turbo Hearth all have the identical primary construction and format. As described on the TurboKick.Com web site, the fundamental construction and format of every program is:

“…a mixture of intense kickboxing strikes, in addition to, dance strikes all completely choreographed to excessive power and motivating music. It is the final word cardiovascular problem that is a novel mix of intense intervals energy/endurance coaching, and a soothing cool-down. [Each program] requires no earlier kickboxing expertise or gear.”

Every program begins with the very same “signature” warm-up after which is proceeded by a bit of punches, kicks, punches and kicks, turbo drill, restoration, finale, and a cool-down. Every part begins by introducing the primary layer for a full phrase (32 counts), then including on one other layer for an additional full phrase (32 counts), after which combining the 2 layers for an additional full phrase. Further layers might be added on for a complete of 8 layers in a single 32-count phrase, however often the variety of layers keep at 4 or 5.

My Private Expertise With Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, & Turbo Hearth

Moreover the truth that I’m a licensed Turbo Kick teacher, I’ve at all times beloved the construction and format of Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, and Turbo Hearth. The music is the driving ingredient and the strikes are choreographed completely with the music. As a result of Turbo Kick is an ongoing group health class, the music is at all times saved present and the choreography adjustments with every new “spherical”. A model new Turbo Kick spherical is commonly launched each 5-8 weeks. Because of this, Turbo Kick might be my favourite of the three Turbos.

The one draw back to Turbo Jam and Turbo Hearth is that the exercises are completed in repetition which implies they get outdated (and probably out of date from a health angle) after awhile. When one thing will get outdated, it is not thrilling; and as soon as train is not perceived as thrilling, you run the danger of quitting the train routine all-together. Thankfully, Turbo Hearth comes with as many as 16 exercises on 15 DVDs so it’s going to take you awhile to get tired of the routines.

As for calorie burn, all three Turbos will show you how to burn some critical energy! I personal a Bodybugg (which calculates calorie burn with appx 95% accuracy), and one hour of Turbo Kick or Turbo Hearth will burn an upwards of 800 energy! Take into account although that I do not simply take part in cardio exercises; I additionally usually do HIIT and energy coaching 3-4 occasions per week so my physique is primed to burn probably the most quantity of energy within the least period of time. Earlier than my health regime included cardio, HIIT, and energy coaching; one hour of Turbo Jam, Kick, or Hearth might have burned wherever from 450-650 energy relying on the trouble I put into the exercise.

It’s possible you’ll recall a few of the Turbo infomercials claiming that members in a research had burned as much as 1000 energy in a single hour–keep in thoughts that the individuals who burned that many energy have been most frequently males weighing round 200 kilos and have been already in form. Relying in your intercourse, top, stage of exercise, construct, and physique composition (muscle to fats ratio); the quantity of energy you burn in any exercise will fluctuate.

All in all, Turbo Jam, Kick, and Hearth is an brisk and FUN exercise! It’s best to undoubtedly attempt one (if not all) at the least as soon as! My bets are that after you do, you will not cease!

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